Bystander Intervention


Bystander Intervention Toolkit 

This online resource collection offers advocates and preventionists information and resources on bystander intervention. It includes resources to use with community members, as well as information and research on the effectiveness of bystander intervention.

10 Things That Can End Rape Culture 

Rape culture exists because we don't believe it does. Here's how to empower men and women to change the status quo.

Understand It To End It

A Portland, Oregon based campaign to fight rape culture through education, compassion, and conversation.

Men and Boys: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence 

This Special Collection provides resources for anti-violence programs to increase their capacity to engage men and boys in their work to end violence against women.

Engaging Men in Prevention 

The following is a list of resources that can be used to engage men in your sexual violence prevention work.

NSVRC Bystander Engagement Blog 

A series of articles dedicated to resources, tools, and discussion around all things bystander intervention related.

Things Men Say to Men Who Say Things to Women On the Street

 A great teaching tool; this video gives many responses men can use to end street harassment they see happening around them.

Essential Concepts: How Patriarchy and Rape Culture Hurt Men 

Patriarchy and rape culture are clearly more harmful to women, but they also cause men great harm. Therefore men must be involved in ending violence and rape culture.